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Date: 23rd June 2016
SMA Flange Mount Connectors
The Flange version is used for panel mounting which are applicable when the attachment can only be made on one side of the panel. XAHonor flange mount SMA connectors includes SMA 2-hole straight flange jack connectors,Website:http://www.honorconnector.com,SMA 4-hole straight flange jack connectors, SMA 2-hole straight flange plug connectors, SMA 4-hole straight flange plug connectors. XAHonor flange mount SMA connectors are a popular general purpose high performance 50 ohm connectors.SMA Flange Mount ConnectorsPicturePart NumberDescriptionGenderMaximum FrequencyPolarityOrientationData SheetSMA-JFDSMA Straight ?Plug???2-hole mount ?50 OhmPlug(male)18GHzStandardStraightSMA-JFD22SMA Straight ?Plug???2-hole mount ?50 OhmPlug(male)18GHzStandardStraightSMA-KFD8SMA Straight ?Jack ??2-hole mount ?50 OhmJack(female)18GHzStandardStraightSMA-KFD293GDSMA Straight ?Jack ??2-hole mount ?50 OhmJack(female)18GHzStandardStraightSMA-KWFD23SMA Right Angle Jack ??4-hole mount ?50 OhmJack(female)18GHzStandard?Right Angle