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Date: 23rd June 2016
N TYPE Cable Mount Connectors
XAHonor provides quality Semi-Rigid,Website:http://www.honorconnector.com, Conformable and flexible coax N TYPE cable connectors for use in a wide variety of applications.TYPE N Cable Mount Connectors are available in many different configurations, such as N TYPE straight cable jacks, N TYPE straight cable plugs N TYPE right angle cable plugs, N TYPE flange cable jacks, N TYPE bulkhead cable jacks for semi-rigid and flexible cable connectors. Our N Type Cable Mount connectors design include solder, clamp, crimp attachment methods. We offer N type connectors with standard or high performance levels built with brass, gold or nickel plated body.And have a wide variety of flexible RG type(RG8, RG58, RG142, RG174, RG188, RG316, RG400, RG402, RG405,RG401 and etc), low-loss (LMR195, LMR240, LMR200, LMR400) type cables, and.086 semi-rigid and conformable, .141 semi-rigid and conformable, .025 semi-rigid and conformable.?N TYPE Cable Mount ConnectorsPicturePart NumberDescriptionGenderMaximum FrequencyTermination StylePolarityOrientationData SheetN-J3N type Straight?Clamp?Plug?RG174, RG188,?RG316?50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - ClampStandardStraightN-J5DYN type Straight?CrimpPlug?RG223, RG400,?RG142?Double Braided ?50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-J5YN type Straight?Crimp?Plug?RG58, RG400,?LMR195?50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-J400Y-1N type Straight?Crimp?Plug?LMR400 ?50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-JB6N type?Straight?Solder?Jack?.250 semi rigid??50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - SolderStandardStraightN-JW240YN type R/A Crimp?Plug?LMR240 ?50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardRight AngleN-JWB3N type?R/A?Solder??Plug?.141 semi rigid??50 OhmPlug(male)11GHzCable - SolderStandardRight AngleN-K7YN type Straight?Crimp?Jack?RG8, RG213,?SYV-50-7-1?50 OhmJack(female)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-K200YN type Straight?Crimp?Jack?LMR200 ?50 OhmJack(female)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-K240YN type Straight?Crimp?Jack?LMR240 ?50 OhmJack(female)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-K400YN type Straight?Crimp?Jack?RG8,LMR400 ?50 OhmJack(female)11GHzCable - CrimpStandardStraightN-KB3N type?Straight?SolderJack?.141 semi rigid??50 OhmJack(female)11GHzCable - SolderStandardStraight